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Finger Splint for the Mallet Injury

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The best alternative to surgery for a mallet injury

Comfortable & Functional

The Quicksplint is form fitting for quick removal and re-use. There is no metal part on the underside of the injured finger and this allows for maximum comfort during the healing process. Wear one splint for daily activities, one at night, and one for bathing.

Once the splint forms to the finger, you can slide it off and exchange it with a fresh splint. When the splint gets wet, you simply slide it off intact, set the splint aside to dry, and slide on a dry splint. After several hours, the wet splint will dry and you can use it again. The moisture of the skin that many experience is common and can cause the skin to putrefy.

Rotating the Quicksplint will help reduce skin injury that commonly happens with other splints. Many people who suffer a mallet injury prematurely cease to use their prescribed splint because of the discomfort and the hassle of attending to the splint. Our unique design helps in the healing process while allowing patients to participate in activities.

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